IRN-BRU idents

Some idents for IRN-BRU's Rugby Super League sponsorship. We used the silver man on the can to do a low-budget Terminator 2 molten metal thing. You'll have to put up with the…

Barr’s TV idents

Some kaleidoscopic idents for Barr's soft drinks to go before and after STV's The Hour. Using icons like fish & chips and ice cream floats helped us channel the British summer feeling.

Aon pensions video

A very straight, informative video I wrote for Aon pensions.

Hammerson Life

A employee brand video I wrote for Hammerson shopping destinations.

RBS after Covid

Video for RBS managers to launch their post-Covid strategy.

You-Shaped Advice

An offbeat little video for Frances Clark Financial Planning. Stepping away from typical financial industry comms, this is focused around meeting the customer's unique needs.

The Logo Board Game

Some TV ads I wrote for the launch of the board game. The format has later been used for the ads in Australia and other countries.

Unleash your Sporty Side

A nationwide campaign running alongside the Commonwealth Games. The aim was to use the momentum of the games to get people in Scotland back into sport. My art director and I pitched…

Knife Crime animated film

Animated graffiti film for the Scottish Government’s anti-knife crime campaign. Each frame was hand-painted onto walls in the areas of Glasgow most affected by knife crime. The shots were then stitched together…