About me


I write at a plywood desk I built using a jigsaw, setsquare and magnetic-tipped screwdriver in 2015.

The passing years have left their mark through the medium of coffee cup rings and black spots of whatever it is computer mice pick up. But as a desk it still works perfectly. Pens don’t roll off the top and it doesn’t spontaneously combust.

A success in my book.

I made it myself because years working in advertising and content agencies has taught me that everything should have a purpose. Words, pictures, hilarious sound effects, digital doohickeys. Not answering the brief? Get rid.

So I built my desk to be strong, stable, fit perfectly between the sofa and the cupboard under the stairs, and have stylish curvy bits.

On top is my computer, two monitors that are never quite at the angle they should be, a weird ergonomic keyboard, a wireless mouse with an annoying button that sends webpages backwards, and a pad of paper.

I like working on paper. It makes it easier to be silly. You can doodle and write in any size by just moving your hand more. And being silly is how you get good ideas. At least it’s step one. The rest is cutting out all the bits with no purpose.

And that’s how you write something strong, simple, and with a touch of character.

Much like an old plywood desk.